The Kankakee County Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan was initiated in January 2005 and adopted by the Kankakee County Board on October 11, 2005. Each participating entity will have the opportunity to also adopt either all or part of the Plan. On January 23, 2006, the Plan was approved by FEMA and IEMA. A copy of the approval letter from IEMA can be viewed here.

The Plan identifies 5 Goals that can be summarized into 26 Action Items to be carried out during the implementation process. These Goals and Action Items are listed below:

  1. Protect the health and safety of the people of Kankakee County from the dangers of natural hazards.
  2. Place a priority on protecting public services, including critical facilities, utilities, roads, and schools.
  3. Educate people about the hazards they face and the ways they can protect themselves, their homes, and their businesses from those hazards.
  4. Manage future development to minimize the potential for damage from natural hazards and adverse impacts on other properties.
  5. Preserve and protect the rivers and floodplains of the County.
Action Items
Action Taken
Plan Adoption Completed 10/11/05
Monitoring and Reporting  
Community Rating System  
Development Regulations  
Building Code Improvements Completed 08/09/05
Regulation Administration  
Floodplain Mapping  
Stormwater Management On Going
Property Evaluations  
KCC Storm Shelter  
Repetitive Loss Evaluations  
Property Protection Assistance  
Tree City USA  
Flood Warning and Response  
Outdoor Warning Systems  July 11, 2006
Emergency Response Operations  
Fire Protection Operations  
Small Flood Control Projects  
River Restoration Projects  
Drainage System Maintenance  
Water Use Management  
Messages and Templates  
County-wide Activities  
Municipal Activities  
Real Estate Disclosure  
The Plan identifies the Kankakee County Regional Planning Commission through its Community Development Subcommittee as the oversight committee for the implementation of the Plan. To be successful in implementing the 26 Action Items cooperation between County Departments, Municipalities, Kankakee Community College, and many others will be essential.

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