The current Kankakee County Zoning Ordinance, including all amendments through August 12, 2008 may be found here. Kankakee County Zoning Ordinance. A brochure describing the regulations for driveway spacing can be found here: Driveway Spacing Requirements.

Amendment History
Resolution Number Section Category Adopted
98-5-12-070 3.02 Adult Use 5/12/98
98-5-12-070 11.13 Adult Use 5/12/98
99-5-11-075 3.02 Affordable Housing 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 8.11-8.22 R2 District 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 16.02 C Legal Conforming 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 5.02 H 2 Telecommunication Tower 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 10.09 B 9 Tourist Park 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 15.05 B 3 Setbacks 5/11/99
99-5-11-075 8.08 A 3 Setbacks 5/11/99
02-06-11-550 17.04 Reasonable Accommodation 6/11/02
03-01-14-703 11.13 Special Use - I2 1/14/03
06-03-14-58 11.12, 11.13 Permitted & Special Use - I2 3/14/06
06-04-11-81 Various Comprehensive Amendments 4/11/06
07-01-09-14 6.03 Special Use - A1 1/09/07

121-3, 99,100

Small Wind Energy Systems - A1 & A2 2/13/08
08-08-12-112 121-3, 121-295, 121-99, 121-209 Wind Energy Conversion Systems (WECS) 08/12/08
09-06-09-72 121-3.b,121-208.a.36 Small Wind Energy Systems - I1 06/09/09
09-11-10-174 121-295 Small Wind Energy Systems - All Districts 11/10/09
2011-05-10-84 121-99 C Special Use Permit - Pipeline Facilities 05/10/11
2011-11-08-166 121-285(a) Fence 11/08/11

A Zoning Map is also included as part of the Kankakee County Zoning Ordinance. This Map is updated in March of each year to include all approved zoning activity from the previous year. The current zoning map, as well as historical zoning maps can be found at Kankakee County Zoning Maps.

Zoning Appeals


A property owner may petition the Kankakee County Board to reclassify their property. This is known as a map amendment, commonly referred to as a "rezoning". The property owner files the map amendment application along with the appropriate fee and a hearing date is scheduled. Those property owners wishing to rezone their property need to download the Rezoning Application form, complete the application, and return it along with the appropriate fee to the Kankakee County Clerk. In July, 2002 the Kankakee County Board adopted the farmstead exemption application. This process allows property owners wishing to divide a farmstead from an agricultural parcel, provided all application criteria is met. The advantage to this process compared to a rezoning is the process is less costly to the applicant and can typically be completed much quicker than a rezoning. The application for a farmstead exemption is available here. Farmstead Exemption

Special Use Permit

A special use is for certain uses, which, because of their unique characteristics, cannot be properly classified in any particular district without consideration of the impact such use can have on neighboring land. To apply for a special use permit, the application can be found here. Special Use Application


A variance is the relaxation of the terms of the ordinance with respect to a specific zoning lot or group of lots where there are particular difficulties or particular hardships in the way of carrying out the regulations of the ordinance. The application can be found here. Variance Application

Information on the status of pending and resolved zoning appeals can be found here.Zoning Cases

Natural Resource Inventory (NRI)

On April 11, 2006 the Kankakee County Board adopted an amendment to the Zoning Ordinance (17.02.H) requiring that a Natural Resource Inventory Report be completed on all Rezonings, Special Uses and on any Variances that alter the topography or drainage characteristics of a parcel (at the discretion of the Planning Director). A brochure explaining the report can be found here: Brochure and the Application Form can be found here: Application Form. The NRI Report must be received by the Planning Department prior to the review of any application for Rezonings, Special Uses and required Variances. More information about this program can be found at the Kankakee County Soil and Water Conservation Districts website at: http://www.kankakeeswcd.org/NRI_INFO.htm.

Developer's Handbook

The planning staff has developed a handbook for developers to help guide them through the development process. This document may be found here: Developer's Handbook. An addendum has been added to the developers handbook that includes an assembly of building permit applications for the County and all of its municipalities. This addendum may be found here: Building Permit Applications

Effective Immediately:

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All Rezoning, Special Use Permit and Variance applications (Variances as determined necessary by the Planning Director) are now required to submit an Illinois Department of Natural Resources Ecological Compliance Assessment Tool (EcoCAT) results report at the time of filing the request. 

This must be completed to comply with the Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act [520 ILCS 10/11(b)] and the Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act [525 ILCS 30/17].  These laws require state agencies and units of local governments to consider the potential adverse effects of proposed actions on the Illinois endangered and threatened species and sites listed on the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory.

EcoCAT will provide a report to determine if your proposed action is in the vicinity of any protected natural resources.  In 2006, IDNR implemented EcoCAT, an internet based system designed to facilitate the consultation process.  EcoCAT uses databases, Geographic Information System mapping, and a set of programmed decision rules to determine if your proposed action may be in the vicinity of protected natural resources.

You receive a natural resource review report that either:

  • Terminates consultation if no resources are in the vicinity; or
  • Lists resources that may be in the vicinity and identifies the staff member who will review the action. After review, staff will either:
    • Terminate consultation because adverse effects are unlikely,
    • Request additional information, or
    • Recommend methods to minimize potential adverse effects.

The report is then utilized by decision makers in assisting with the evaluation of the proposed project / request. 

The report is offered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources.  You may request an EcoCAT report or find additional information about the process at http://dnrecocat.state.il.us/ecopublic/  

Application Fees

Rezonings and Special Uses have a base fee of $600, plus an additional charge of $30 per acre for the first 50 acres, $20 per acre for 51 to 100 acres, and $10per acre for each acre over 100.

Variances have a fee of $280.

A continuance fee of $175 may be charged if a zoning meeting is continued to another date.

Zoning Board of Appeals

The Kankakee County Zoning Board of Appeals consists of 7 members appointed by the Kankakee County Board. The Zoning Board of Appeals reviews the request for zoning changes, special uses, variances and text amendments in accordance with the Zoning Board of Appeals Rules of Procedure. The current membership of the Zoning Board of Appeals is:

John Featherling (Chairman) William Hemm (Vice-Chairman)
Edwin Meents Elizabeth Scanlon
Gene Rademacher David Deyoung
William Sawyer

The Kankakee County Regional Planning Department serves as the staff of the Zoning Board of Appeals. All zoning inquires should be made to the Kankakee County Planning Department and not to the Zoning Board of Appeals. We advise all petitioners to not contact the ZBA directly. A Citizens Guide to Zoning Board of Appeals can be found here. Citizens Guide


Kankakee County Planning Department
189 E. Court Street, Room 201  Kankakee, IL  60901
Phone: 815.937.2940   |   Fax: 815.937.2974
Office Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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