What is an EcoCAT Report and when / why is it required?

All Rezoning, Special Use Permit and Variance applications (Variances = as determined necessary by the Planning Director) are now required to submit an Illinois Department of Natural Resources Ecological Compliance Assessment Tool (EcoCAT) results report at the time of filing the request.

This must be completed to comply with Illinois Endangered Species Protection Act [520 ILCS 10/11(b)] and Illinois Natural Areas Preservation Act [525 ILCS 30/17]. These laws require state agencies and units of local governments to consider the potential adverse effects of proposed actions on Illinois endangered and threatened species and sites listed on the Illinois Natural Areas Inventory.

This report will provide a report to determine if your proposed action is in the vicinity of any protected natural resources. In 2006, IDNR implemented EcoCAT, an internet based system designed to facilitate the consultation process. EcoCAT uses databases, Geographic Information System mapping, and a set of programmed decision rules to determine if your proposed action may be in the vicinity of protected natural resources.

You receive a natural resource review report that either:

Terminates consultation if no resources are in the vicinity; or

Lists resources that may be in the vicinity and identifies the staff member who will review the action. After review, staff will either:

  • Terminate consultation because adverse effects are unlikely,
  • Request additional information, or
  • Recommend methods to minimize potential adverse effects.

The report is then utilized by decision makers in assisting with the evaluation of the proposed project / request.

The report is offered through the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. You may request an EcoCAT report or find additional information about the process at http://dnrecocat.state.il.us/ecopublic/

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