Contractor Registration

The Contractors Registration program was implemented on June 1, 2000. This program is an amendment to Chapter 5 of the Kankakee County Building Regulations and was designed to protect the public health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Kankakee County.

The Registration program requires all contractors performing work that involves a building permit in unincorporated Kankakee County to obtain a registration before the permit will be issued. The Registration Ordinance further requires these contractors to provide a certificate of insurance showing the following types and limits of coverage.Home Contruction

All insurance documents should show Kankakee County as the holder.

  1. General Liability limits at $1,000,000
  2. Property Damage limits at $50,000
  3. Workers' Compensation limits at $100,000

If the applicant is a sole proprietor or is in a partnership and does not have employees a "No Employee Affidavit" form shall be submitted with the registration application to waive the Workers' Compensation requirement.

Contractors are also required to deposit a License and Permit Surety Bond bound to the County of Kankakee in the amount of $10,000. Please provide the original signed bond for registration approval.

The fee is $150 Payable to the Kankakee County Treasurer and the registration is valid for one year from the date the license is issued.

For information about registration or to inquire about a contractor's license status call the Contractor Registration Coordinator at 815-937-2940, ext. 2, then 2 again.

A brochure describing the program can be found here: Guide to Obtaining a Contractors Registration (PDF).

A Spanish version can be obtained here: Indique A Obtener Una Licencia de Contratistas (PDF).

A list of all currently registered contractors can be found here: Contractors (PDF).