Hazard Mitigation Plan (Original)

Torando Far AwayIn December 2003, Kankakee County was awarded $52,500 by the Federal Emergency Management Agency through the Illinois Emergency Management Agency to develop a Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan.

Benefits of Mitigation Planning

  • Reduces future losses from disasters
  • Builds partnerships
  • Field on FireFacilitates funding priorities
  • Contributes to sustainable communities

Natural Hazards

Kankakee County is subject to natural hazards that threaten life and health and have caused extensive property damage in the past. While these hazards are acts of nature, their future impacts on our residents, public facilities, businesses, and private property would be diminished with the proper plan in place.

Land with DroughtThe Kankakee County Planning Department has adopted a Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan for the County. This plan identifies activities that can be undertaken by both the government and the private sector to reduce the safety hazards, health hazards, and property damage caused by floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, thunderstorms, winter/ice storms, and other natural disasters.

This Plan ensures that the County is compliant with the Federal Disaster Mitigation Act of 2000 (DMA 2000) and eligible to compete nationwide for Pre-Disaster Mitigation project funds.

House in SnowDisaster Mitigation Act of 2000

This Act provides an impetus for state and local governments to undertake mitigation planning. The Act does not mandate that terrorism or technological disasters be addressed in hazard mitigation planning; however, it does encourage and reward state and local pre-disaster planning and promote sustainability as a strategy for reducing the effects of a disaster. Naturally, this objective can only be fully achieved through incorporating not only natural hazards but also the full spectrum of human-caused disasters.

Kankakee County secured French & Associates, Ltd. to assist with the development of the Plan. Email the French and Associates. The Plan was completed by August 2005. The Regional Planning Commission provided oversight throughout the Flooded Roaddevelopment of the Plan through the Community Development Subcommittee.

A Mitigation Advisory Task Force was created to provide advice and assistance to the planning effort and to the Community Development Subcommittee. View the Resolution of the County Board (PDF). Public participation was an important element throughout the planning process and the public was encouraged to contribute.

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