Regional Planning Commission

People Standing Next to Long TableThe Kankakee County Regional Planning Commission consists of 17 members from various areas of the County. No more than two County Board members may serve on the Regional Planning Commission at the same time. Meetings shall be held on the fourth Tuesday of every month as called by the Chairman or as established at the annual meeting.

View the By-Laws of the Kankakee County Regional Planning Commission (PDF).



  • Chad Miller, Chair
  • Dave Bergdahl,Vice Chair


  • Dondi Maricle, Secretary
  • Jeff Jarvis
  • Mike Maloney 
  • Rick Manuel
  • Bruce Paarlberg                                
  • Samuel Payton
  • Thomas Peterson                             
  • Thomas Sutrina
  • Colton Ekhoff                                    
  • Ira Sneed