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For more information on census data including agriculture, economic, and historical data visit the following websites:

Census Data

Note: Using these links may take you to websites other than those owned or controlled by Kankakee County. As such, Kankakee County has no control over the content of these sites and they should be viewed at your own risk. Please report broken links to the webmaster by email.

  • U.S. Census Bureau - To view detailed national, state, county, municipal, township, and block data visit the Census Bureau's website.
  • Agriculture Census - To view data from the 2002, 1997, and the 1992 Census of Agriculture visit the United States Department of Agriculture, National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) website.
  • Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) - The BEA provides national and regional economic analysis, journey to work, and personal income and employment data, to obtain data visit the BEA website.
  • Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) - To view employment, unemployment, wage, income, data, inflation, consumer spending data, and other demographics at the national, regional, state, and metropolitan level visit the BLS website.
  • Census Tract Search - If you would like to know what census tract an address is located in, visit the Census Bureau's American FactFinder website.
  • Teachers - The Census Bureau provides teachers with teaching tools, resource materials, and professional development opportunities. Teachers may download lessons that use Census data as well as teaching kits and maps, to obtain more information visit the Census in Schools website.
  • Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES) - To view data on career and occupational statistics, unemployment rates, wage levels and employment projections for the State of Illinois visit the IDES website.
  • Social and Economic Trend Analysis (SETA) - SETA provides data on population, employment, income, agriculture and many other categories for counties and municipalities within Illinois and surrounding states, to obtain more information visit SETA website.
  • Illinois Data - To view agricultural, business, crime, demographic, education, government and taxes, housing, labor market statistics, tables, and charts for counties throughout Illinois visit the Illinois Data website.
  • Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission (NIPC) - NIPC prepares forecasts of population, households, and employment by county, municipality, and township for the six-county region of Chicago, which includes Cook, Lake, McHenry, DuPage, Kane, and Will counties. To access this data visit the NIPC website.

Historical Data

University of Virginia Library - To view historical data such as population, number of farms, and families for Kankakee County as well as other Counties and States from 1790 through 1960 visit the University of Virginia's Library.

Old Historical Buildings