Comprehensive Plan

The 2030 Kankakee County Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Kankakee County Board on November 8, 2005. The 2030 Comprehensive Plan is Kankakee County’s official policy guide to future land use, development, and conservation over the next twenty-five years. The Plan addresses county needs and opportunities while placing an emphasis on physical development, transportation, and services and facilities for the County and its municipalities. It is geographically comprehensive in coverage, in that it applies to all unincorporated areas of the County. It is long-range in orientation and intended to express general goals, policies, and implementation actions. Nevertheless, the Comprehensive Plan is also specific enough to guide day-to-day land use and development activities in the County.

The Plan may be downloaded by following the links below. The first section divides the plan into chapters for easier downloading for dial-up users. Broadband users may download the entire plan as one file by following the link in the second section. Please be aware that these files are large and may take time to download, please be patient. View the Full Comprehensive Plan (PDF).