Airport Study

The airport study is a land use, transportation, and economic development planning study for the Greater Kankakee Airport Authority and surrounding areas.


Three governmental units (the City of Kankakee, the Kankakee Valley Airport Authority, and Kankakee County) have formed an Airport Study Task Force to perform a Land Use, Transportation, and Economic Development Study for an area around the existing Greater Kankakee Airport. Each unit of government has committed a portion of funding for the study, along with funding from the MPO Planning Fund, administered by the Policy Committee of the Kankakee Area Transportation Study. This funding was approved by the Policy Committee at their January 23, 2008 meeting. The total amount of funding approved for the study is $50,000. The Airport Study Task Force consists of two members from each of the study participants, the City of Kankakee, the Greater Kankakee Airport Authority, and Kankakee County. A meeting schedule has been set for the committee, with meetings scheduled to begin on February 28, 2008, and end by October 30, 2008. Meetings are held on the last Thursday of each month. The consulting services of Crawford, Murphy, and Tilly, Inc. (CMT), a recognized leader in providing aviation planning and engineering services to airports nationwide, will perform the study under the oversight of the Airport Study Task Force.

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